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Mufindi Project: A Cause for Inspiration

by | Jan 1, 2017 | Event

Kick-off the first quarter of 2017 with personal inspiration, Unite Health and Mufindi! Get moving January 1st through April 21st, then join us on April 22nd for our 5K to honor your hard work and the Mufindi cause! That’s right, mark your calendars for April 22nd (Earth Day) for our 5K event!!! Additional details are here.

Why do this?
A patient spoke with me about the Mufindi project and it seemed so right to get involved. What a cause and inspiration for us all. The hope is that while we are committed to helping others, we find the best in ourselves. Make a commitment to move regularly, and eat from the earth like a cave person – the way that is best for our health!

I have been on a journey personally for years to understand my own body, how much and what to eat. It has been an adventure. Nonetheless, I join the commitment to Mufindi and will post my daily workouts as well as intake of calories and protein. I will do my body comps on a monthly basis and post them.

  • I want people to know that we do what we do and say what we say because we believe in it and are right there with you
  • I also believe that there are popular beliefs out there that are well known, but just not true. It took me years to figure it out through trial and error. I hope that in showing what happens to my body and putting it out there, folks can see the following:
  1. It takes persistence
  2. Preserve your muscle mass to burn the most calories
  3. How much you weigh is not the marker of health
  4. Don’t go by BMI to measure your health. Go by your body fat and find a level where you are peaceful- what is right for one person is not right for another. And, sometimes in training I can get my body fat lower. But it takes sacrifice that is hard to maintain. If I set my goals here and believe I can live there always, I become disappointed in myself. That is not what this is about. This is about loving yourself for the awesome way that you are put together.
  5. Feed your body don’t starve it. I find the more I eat protein, the leaner I get. It is not hard, it just takes commitment.
  6. The more cardio my work outs are, the more catabolic my body can get (meaning I eat up muscle mass)- If I eat lots of carbs, I also reduce muscle mass. (I can do this simply by the TYPE of calories I take in, and the TYPE of exercise that I do)
  7. If you are in your stress response, you have a hard time optimizing your body- no matter how great you eat or move- nature rules all.
  8. Food is fuel. It is crazy that we put premium gas in our vehicles, and put junk into ourselves. Our body is the most amazing structure. If you put diesel in a gas engine, it breaks. Why do we think we are any different?  If we are looking to food for any other reason than to fuel our body, we are using it for stress relief. Find other stress relief. Instead- eat great fuel, move, love, laugh. Theses are much more healthful ways to get the goo of stress out. But in this, do not condemn yourself for not being perfect. No one is. Wake up the next day and try again. It gets easier.