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Just Swim

by | Sep 21, 2016 | Services

So what the heck does this mean?  To me, it is a symbol of totally synergy of mind and body.  Let me explain.

To swim in the wide open waters- it requires mindfulness of the direction that we are headed in.  To power us to our destination, our arms and legs have to be able to move with strength and metabolic function.  It also takes courage to jump into the water to try to swim to the destination.  It requires belief in the journey.

I break down life’s stages into 4: 

  1. There are times that we feel like we are swimming (this is amazing)
  2. There are times that we are on the raft before we jump in that we mindfully contemplate the direction we want to swim, and rest our arms and legs to prepare for the journey.
  3. There are times that life’s events push us off the raft in a backwards direction.  This really does not feel very good when this happens.  Here, we get stuck with our mind spinning and our body paddling as hard as it can.  It seems we get stuck here because our mind is spinning so fast, and our body is swimming so hard that if we stop doing either, we will drown.  This stage is exhausting. 

I consider our clinic as a hard stop to this level.  We swim in the water with you and push you pack up on your raft.  IF you slip off we are there time and time again to push you back up.  But, in order for this all to work, you ultimately have to want to swim.

You have to WANT to get better. If a patient does not want to get better and does not work at it, this all does not work.

    4.  The fourth stage is actually where we feel like we are drowning.  It is horrible.  IT feels really anxious here and like you can’t breathe.  IF someone is here, the first step is to get their head above water, and then get them on their raft.

All of this may sound odd to some, but there are far more patients that this resonates with than you would think.  We are all going through these stages. We are all in it together.