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Dr. Sam’s Daily Workout Diary for the Mufindi Project

by | Jan 3, 2017 | Event

Keep up with Dr. Sam’s daily workout diary for the Mufindi Project. She joins this cause and will post workouts and intake of calories and protein daily to show that she is committed to finding the best in herself – in the same way she believes in her patients. Additional details on Miles, Minutes and Movement for Mufindi are here.

January 1st- 110 grams of protein, jogged 5 miles
January 2nd-115 grams of protein, yoga for 1 hour (that was fun- first time I have done yoga and I need to do it more. I am super tight. Flexibility is important for health and I can see I need more)
Jan 3rd– I ate about 100 grams of protein and today I strive to do better. Took the day off of exercise.
Jan 4th – Lifted this AM. Thoughts so far: 
When I was in 6th grade I had the skin caliper test and remember feeling like I was way overweight. No one talked to me about the results or what they meant- I remember feeling like they simply told me I was fat behind a curtain and then I was sent out to sit with the other kids waiting their turn. They may have not told me this, but that is what I remember feeling. The ramifications of that is that I stopped eating for about a year and started tracking all of my calories and restricted them.

Now, although I know when I was a kid I did not eat the best, I understand more about my body and hope that if someone can relate to the above, they do not feel alone and realize how beautiful they are.

Our bodies deserve to be fed, not starved- it is just the right type of food (or fuel) that is needed. Body comp analysis is better than weight alone, or BMI for that matter. Understand and love your body. It is just so awesome.

January 7th – 115 grams of protein – boxed with Becky for 40 minutes (super fun!!)
January 8th – 105 grams protein (jogged 5.5 miles – it was refreshingly peaceful)
January 9th – 
What a great day! The sunrise was so beautiful. I ate 104 grams of protein (I am going to shoot to get a lot better) but in the last week have really tried to increase my exercise. I have gone through a lot in the last 2 years and I honestly was not moving as much as I normally do. I have started to move again and IT FEELS SOOOO GOOD!  It also feels great in that my body feels like it has something to give.

Today I did an interval program that Becky recommended (boxing conditioning) and then I did yoga. Yoga is fun because it really gets me outside my comfort zone and boy am I stiff. In doing all sorts of different movement, I definitely believe that movement is medicine.

It is crazy- I have spent my whole life believing that medicine comes in the form of tablets. I just don’t believe that any more. In trying to move outside the box of classic thought, I have began to see so many more options of stress relief and medicine is all around us. It comes in food, laughter, movement, and more. I laugh at myself every day that I am just starting to see this. The options are endless and all around, if we just take the time to look and have the open eyes to see.

January 10th – Beautiful day! My legs and body were sore when I woke up because I moved a lot yesterday with the running program and hot yoga- so I let them have a day to repair and did not work out today. I have eaten over 100 grams of protein today. I will work out in the am with weights and running program again and I have other stuff I get to do in the day as well and am excited for it. That being said on my way home I was thinking to myself as I very often do:

People have a hard time understanding what what we eat is more important than how we move. And, for humans often seeing is believing. So- I thought I will do a little experiment to myself and you all can see that EATING IS SUPER IMPORTANT. Until February first I will move and eat over 100 grams of protein. I will do my body comp then and of course post to see.

Then, in February I will add another 80 grams or so of protein a day with my egg white protein shakes and move about the same and then post that on March first and you can see what happened to my body fat and my muscle mass and compare.

In April, I will try to move even more and show what happens there.

Fun times- just a science experiment. We will change one variable at a time. Watch what happens. IT IS SOO FUN!!  THE AWESOME POWER OF NATURE IS IN US ALL AWAITING TO BE UNLEASHED IF WE JUST FOLLOW THE RULES TO WHICH OUR GENES HAVE EVOLVED. I tell folks that the power of nature (of which is in us all) can be used to put us into hibernation mode- or it can be used to lift us to amazing heights.   I have decided that I want to be lifted.

January 11th – Weights this AM. 123 grams protein. Great day with fun folks!
January 15th – 
Hello there friends!  So I honestly have eaten over my 100 grams of protein every day but I did no exercise on Friday but did Saturday with weights and then the interval program and on Sunday it was icy so I am working.  I am excited next week to exercise more.

This last week I had my face laser resurfaced with our awesome laser and I just felt like writing about it. So I am. I will put out a video with all the pictures and before and after a so that you can see what is it like.

Overall, I would have to say that I am super uplifted.  I underestimated my own amazement at my body’s healing capacity. When I watch what is happening in the mirror it makes me want to run faster, hug people more, and gives me so much energy. It is crazy watching the healing and how the body works. It is awesome. The power of nature leaves me speechless. It is within us all.

So with that, we start the week. To try a little harder to reach goals set, to love ourselves a little more because we are all awesome. To realize that we are all just skimming the surface of the awesomeness within us.

January 16th – Today I have eaten 105 grams of protein. I’ve lifted and then done a running program. I got to meet new patients, hear their stories of their life, and partnered with them to hopefully help them see the world in a more positive light.

My co2 lasered face continues to improve. I still find watching my body heal and regenerate SUPER COOL.

January 23rd – Still eating the protein and working on the movement! Worked out with Becky and boxing this weekend and ran 5 miles again. Excited for a new week.