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Dr. Sam’s Monthly Body Composition Diary for the Mufindi Project

by | Feb 10, 2017 | Event

Track Dr. Sam’s Body Composition changes with her Mufindi Project monthly body composition diary. Join in with her to get to the best of yourself through the Miles, Minutes and Movement for Mufindi.

Dr. Sam February 2017 Body Composition Report

Over the last month, have not drank alcohol, and only made cookie dough twice. (It is my vice)
I still need to move more.
My eating every day has been over 100 grams of protein.

Dr. Sam January 2017 Body Composition Report

Weight 144 lbs- i am up from where I usually am. I am excited to get it back down.

Muscle mass 61.3 lbs- I am a mesomorph; a body type that carries muscle. I am more a bulldog as opposed to a greyhound. I will never be a grey hound.I am okay with that.

Body fat 23.7%- I am up from where I usually am

BMI-27.3; note that my body fat is 23.7 but my BMI is 27.5. I am over where conventional measure tells me I should be. This is why I have an issue with BMI- if we carry more muscle mass naturally, we always are fighting within ourselves. BMI is height/weight. I will always weigh more that many folks my height because I have more muscle and muscle weighs a lot;  I am a bulldog-more folks are greyhounds. 

I carry muscle mass in my arms and legs- I like to box. I have to fight taller girls because of my body configuration. Most folks that weight 140 are a lot taller. I had to learn to punch up. My arms are bigger because of it.